Turn-Based JRPG Tears of Avia is Coming to Console, PC Later This Year

CooCooSqueaky today announced that Tears of Avia would be coming to console and PC later this year.

According to the independent UK developer, the turn-based strategy title will arrive on Steam and Xbox One in Q4 2019.

CooCooSqueaky’s JRPG has players transported to the world of Estera in the midst of a war between two rival parties.

Players can choose from sixteen characters — six of which have been revealed — and are able to create a party featuring up to five heroes.

Each character has their own class and players are able to improve their different skills and equipment, including outfits and weapons.

The heroes currently confirmed for the title are Reina (ranger), Iris (mage), Kai (warrior), Raul (brawler), Momoko (priest) and Afren (warrior).

CooCooSqueaky has said that the title will feature a branching story, meaning that players’ choices will have an impact on their relationship with their fellow heroes.

The indie studio previously launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 for the JRPG, falling short of its £68,000 target by securing £36,308 from 1,215 backers.

But Tears of Avia had much better luck with its successful Steam Greenlight campaign.

Hardcore Gamer went hands-on with the title in 2015 and said that it was a “promising idea,” adding that it deserves “your investment if you see its potential.”

Andrew Livy, the director of Tears of Avia, said: “Tears of Avia is a dream project for us to create and bring to fans.

“As huge fans of anime and all that it encompasses, we really wanted to bring turn-based strategy, narrative and strong world connection together, and we’re super excited for players to be able to check it out in Q4.”