New John Wick Hex Featurette Focuses on Capturing Action

In case our preview last month didn’t spell it out enough, we are more than excited for John Wick Hex. And one the the best things the unique strategy-action game has going for it is just how perfectly it captures the essence of the John Wick films down to all of the little details. Indeed, a lot of hard work is going into what could have been just a quick licensed tie-in. Do you need proof of this hard work? Well, look no further than a new featurette for the game, which you can view below. Entitled “Lessons in Gun-Fu,” it shows us how far Bithell Games is willing to go to capture every moment of action.

In the new clip, we see Mike Bithell working with 87Eleven Action Design, the production company that helped create the stunt work in the John Wick films (alongside many others). This allows the developers to work on getting all of the little details correctly, from the judo-based fighting style to being able to stun an enemy in order to give wick time to reload. Indeed, considering the important role time plays in the turn-based gameplay, you can see how properly capturing the movements contributes greatly to both the feel of the action and the strategic elements. Bithell says he clearly wants to do his best for the franchise, and we more than believe him. Still no release date for John Wick Hex yet, but we’ll let you know when it comes.