Pixely Platforming and Graceful Combat in Savior Reveal Trailer

Saving the world is always nice but it’s best to do it with style.  Savior’s launch trailer shows a hero who’s got the moves to make healing a painfully divided land look easy, whether she’s kick-flipping off the face of towering enemies or swan-diving onto the back of a dragon.  The pixel-art open world looks like a fantasy adventure on the face of it, what with the dragon and all, but if you explore a bit on the game’s Patreon page you can see plenty of advanced tech hiding below the surface, plus a hint of multiple playable characters aside from the wonderfully agile staff fighter featured in the reveal trailer.  Just about all the information on the game is contained in Savior’s first trailer below, though, so give it a look and see how many SNES-era influences you can count.