Jupiter Hell Getting Prepped for a Tactical Assault on Early Access

There have been many words used to describe Doom but “tactical” isn’t one.  Taking a moment to think about the next move while monsters are roaming about is basically suicide, because at no point is the demon horde going to stop for moment’s careful consideration.  Obviously this is a problem, and Doom: The Roguelike tackled it head on.  Time passed, id was acquired by the less IP-permissive Bethesda, and Doom: The Roguelike got left behind for a shiny new project that’s got nothing to do at all with any other gaming franchise in existence.  Jupiter Hell is a tactical turn-based roguelike where a lone marine tackles a demonic infestation on the moons of Jupiter, picking up whatever weapons and ammo he can find while using the perks of his character class as best possible.  Per the classic rogue formula everything is randomized, and events only happen when you move.  Keep moving and everything flows like an action game, stop for a second and it all pauses, locked to the grid while you weigh the possibilities of enemy positioning and character skills.  Jupiter Hell merges the demon-killing badassery of Doom with an approach that’s as measured and careful as you want to make it, with the only downside being that it’s awfully easy to go charging straight into the perma-death-dispensing arms of a monster that’s more than happy to take advantage of a moment’s overconfidence. It’s also just about ready to hit Early Access, with the launch being readied for August 1.  No launch is complete without a trailer, of course, so give it a look below.