Kongregate Launching Western-Themed Idle Frontier

Kongregate has announced the launch of its newest mobile game, Idle Frontier. Idle Frontier was designed and developed by Kongregate’s San Diego based studio Ultra and is now available globally for download on both Google Play and the Apple App store. Idle Frontier has a unique western theme, showing inspiration from classics like Oregon Trail, though at this time no deaths from dysentery can be confirmed. Players will be able to interact with a diverse set of individuals including cowboys and settlers. Businesses such as trading posts, general stores and dairy farms will be available across over fifty levels. In traditional idle game format, players will set up various tasks that will continue to run and develop even when the player is not actively playing the game.

Some of the unique and core features of Idle Frontier:

– 80 characters, a robust number for an idle game.
– 20 businesses to build and expand across the frontier.
– 52 different levels/towns, with further expansions planned for endless exploration.
– 4 seasons that each provide unique challenges to navigate your supply chain across.
– Custom event systems to enhance progress and player interaction.
– Build trains, boats, horses and carriages to move supplies through the frontier.