First Three DOOM Re-Releases Showcased in New Trailer

The first three DOOM games have been released for modern gaming consoles as part of Quakecon. This means that Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch owners can enjoy three of the most important first-person shooter releases of all-time. For Xbox and PS4 owners, this is the most convenient way to enjoy them – and the only way for PS4 owners to play the games. The Xbox One does at least have DOOM 3 via BC as an option. The big kicker here for this re-release in the Switch. By having all of these on the go, you can wind up with a whole new way to play them. Both of the first two games have been on the GBA, but now, they’re available in far more modern methods with a much better way to control it.

With these games alongside the 2016 reboot and the upcoming DOOM Eternal, this means that the Switch will now have every DOOM game playable on it. Sure, with the newest entries, you do wind up losing a bit in the visual department, but these older games will definitely hold up better on the portable hardware. The first two games are $5.99, while the third is $9.99 – so for a bit over $20, you can get all three games and play them wherever you want.