Kickstarter Campaign Underway For Strategy Game Extinction Protocol

Since its inception a few years back, the Kingdom franchise has produced some highly praised strategy games, with a great level of challenge and a unique 2D perspective. So it shouldn’t be surprising that we get some titles inspired by it sometime soon. And how soon that would be may depend on the success of crowdfunding, in this case. Czech developers Drawblack have begun a Kickstarter campaign for Extinction Protocol, their minimalist strategy game, complete with trailer below, looking to hopefully raise at least $20,000 for their goal.

Set in a post-apocalyptic universe, the game sees you trying to build and maintain a proper shelter in a world filled with invading machines. Armed with only a construction drone, you have to scour the wasteland, gather resources, build defenses, and if you can, find records that detail what exactly happened that allowed this nightmare to happen…and maybe explain the giant, seemingly one-eyed floating monolith in sky that seems to be always watching you. Failure is imminent, but with enough skill, you can create fail-safes that allow you to survive. It seems like quite the clever and visually striking strategy game, and with enough luck, Extinction Protocol should hit PCs in 2020. For more details (and to donate), check out the Kickstarter page for the game.