Gameplay Trailer Unveiled For Cuddly Roguelike Shooter Cat Lady

Earlier this year, VIZ Media took their first step into the world of indie game publishing with The World Next Door, brought to life by developers Rose City Games. While not much of a critical success, the average fan reception has still been fairly positive, so it was still an important step. And know VIZ and Rose City are back with their next game, Cat Lady, hoping to make a big leap this time around. The first gameplay trailer has now been released for the game, which you can naturally check out below.

This time around, the duo has something more traditional in mind with Cat Lady, that of a twin-stick top-down shooter with roguelike elements. Well, traditional when it comes to gameplay, anyway. The setup, you see, is that you play as a young girl named Ally Marie who arrives at her grandma’s house for a visit. Unfortunately, Ally finds that all of her belongings have now transformed into monsters that are terrorizing the house. But on an equally weird yet more positive note, the many cats of her grandma have now become self-aware, and are willing to assist Ally. And so as seen in the clip below, they now fight to save grandma, picking up new cats and powers along the way.

Aside from a wide variety of areas to explore, enemies to fight, and stuff to collect, Cat Lady also boasts a striking monochrome art style and a sensational soundtrack. Between its charming visuals and fast-paced gameplay, VIZ and Rose City way indeed have a hit on their hands. No release date has been announced yet, but keep an eye out for Cat Lady when it hits PC sometime soon.