RetroMania Wrestling Coming to Nintendo Switch

We have been covering RetroMania Wrestling since its inception – with roster coverage and the announcement of the House of Hardcore license. Today, the folks at Retrosoft Studios announced that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch hasn’t had much success with pro wrestling games so far, with the port of WWE 2K18 being largely viewed as one of the worst ports on the platform, and smaller indie wrestling game releases going for less of a wrestling approach and more of a wrestling theme.

Today, the news broke that the Switch will be joining the PS4 and Xbox One as having RetroMania Wrestling on its roster. The game aims to act as a spiritual successor to the all-time great WrestleFest, and features two of its stars in Hawk and Animal of the Road Warriors alongside a mix of modern and retro stars. RetroMania Wrestling is currently set for an early 2020 release on PC and Switch – and looks to scratch the itch of anyone who grew up loving WrestleFest and wanting to see that kind of high-quality, quick-playing game return.