Hitman 2 Sends Agent 47 to Siberia

Another day, another pair of targets to eliminate. Such is the life of world-class assassin Agent 47. Still, 47 has been relatively lucky with his assignments lately; they’ve all gone down in relatively temperate climates. With his next assignment though, Agent 47’s luck has run out. No tropical jungle or downtown setting this time; nope, instead its all the way to Siberia and the coldest of cold weather. Guess assassins have both good and bad days on the job too, eh?

As the trailer above may indicate, Siberia is a new map for Sniper Assassin mode. Players must eliminate two targets, Roman Khabko and Vitaly Reznikov, before they can return to a more tolerable climate. Khabko is a russian mobster with dangerous political ties, while Reznikov is the prison’s corrupt warden. It’s no wonder someone out there wants the pair eliminated. Agent 47’s chosen weapon for this mission, the ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle, will be made available in normal sandbox missions to all players who achieve the highest mastery level with it.

Siberia will be made available to all Hitman 2 season pass holders on July 30. Check out our review of Hitman 2 to see why it’s worth checking out.