Vote Valvatorez in Disgaea 4 Complete+

Netherworld politics can often be quite confusing to the rank and file denizen. Every lord vying for supreme power has plenty to say and plenty promises to offer, but how’s one to know who to trust? Fortunately, a new candidate has arrived on the Disgaea 4 Complete+ stage, and they promise to do away with the old ways. Valvatorez, a former overlord-turned-prinny instructor is a vampire who can (probably) be trusted.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is an all-in-one remaster of the classic fan favorite. All content from the original game and its expansions is included, visuals have been upscaled to standard HD and several useful features like post-battle autosave have been added; some of these new features can already be seen via the gameplay reveal livestream.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ launches for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 29. Fans have the choice between the standard, “A Promise of Sardines” and “HL-Raising” editions on both platforms. Alternate coversheets can also be found on the Disgaea 4 Complete+ site.