Amble up the Mountainside with Peaceful Adventure A Short Hike’s Release

It’s summer and that should mean vacation.  Vacation, however, doesn’t necessarily mean leaving all of civilization behind, but the teenager bird in A Short Hike is expecting an important call and has no cell service whatsoever.  The only place in the park guaranteed to get reception is the top of Hawk Peak, which isn’t necessarily a super-difficult climb but still a challenge.  The trails covering the mountain branch off in multiple directions, and various other anthropomorphic people are wandering about, many of which could use a favor.  There’s no danger on the mountain, especially seeing as bird-teen can soar off the cliffs, but it’s easy to get distracted on the way due to all the little side-quests and areas to explore.  The thing about a mountain peak is that it’s always going to be there, and however important the phone call may be there doesn’t seem to be any time pressure to receive it, so A Short Hike may not be completed all that quickly.  It is, however, a lovely little game of exploration in a friendly park, filled with nooks, crannies, and secrets to chase after or ignore as the whim takes you.

A Short Hike was originally the Humble Original in May, which is a game given out with the monthly Humble Bundle created specifically for that month.  Today is technically the release for A Short Hike: The Extra Mile, which adds in new characters, mini-quests, and even fishing to the original game’s feature-set.  It’s also instantly charming and likable, as if Animal Crossing was a mini-adventure instead of a life sim.  It’s available on both Steam and DRM-free as of today, and while the trailer below is a couple weeks old it should let you know if a game that feels like it’s made of peace and love is worth your time.