August 2019 Games With Gold Lineup Shines with Gears 4, Forza 6

With August coming so soon and no games with gold announcements, it was easy for folks to be concerned that we wouldn’t be getting much of value for the month of August. It’s typically not a giant month for gaming beyond Madden, and would be easy to assume we’d get some less-than-desirable games for the GWG lineup. Thankfully, Microsoft’s waiting game paid off in a big way with one of the best months of free games ever.

From August 1-31, you will be able to get Gears of War 4, while August 16-September 15 sees Forza Motorsport 6 available. This is probably an indicator that FM 6 will be delisted soon – so be sure to grab it while it’s a GWG freebie and grab whatever DLC you want before it’s too late. On the Xbox 360 side of things, Torchlight will be available from August 1-15, while Castlevania: Lords of Shadow closes out the month from August 16-31. This month’s freebies net you some of the best-playing games of their genre in the past decade – with Lords of Shadow being a tremendously-underrated release whose greatness was somewhat hurt by its lackluster sequel.