New Information Released for Dragon Quest Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has really been full of some surprise contenders. Today, we received more information for the Dragon Quest Hero fighters coming to the game. These newcomers have a lot of details so let’s check them out.

The Dragon Quest Heroes from a couple of different titles are available to choose from. While they each come with a sword and shield for some standard attacks, they have way more magical spells to make for a versatile combatant. Each spell uses up an amount of MP and can be selected from a mini menu at the bottom of the screen. Frizz, Woosh, Bounce and others require the MP and cannot be used if there isn’t enough, the points do slowly recover. Some attacks use up all your points which makes Hero a very strategic selection.

Yggdrasil’s Altar from Dragon Quest XI S is the new stage. It starts as a level platform which eventually takes off into the air. Smaller platforms will appear above the stage but two others show up on the sides at some point containing a treasure chest. There may be an item inside or the dreaded Mimic monster, which if defeated can drop an item. The iconic Slime and some other monsters also make background appearances.

A few different songs are available to match each of the Heroes. Spirit Board cards are being added as a purchase bonus. New Mii Fighter costumes from Dragon Quest have also been revealed. Sword Fighters can become Veronica or Erdrick, Brawlers have a Martial Artist outfit and the Slime Hat is a wiggly, fun accessory.

Hero and Mii Fighter costumes are available starting July 30. Watch the special video below for a look at all the announcements.