PS4 Surpasses 100 Million Units Shipped

The big milestone many expected Sony’s PS4 to reach, has finally been passed. The company today confirmed during their earnings release for the first quarter of the financial year — the PS4 managing to sell an additional 3.2 million consoles during the current quarter. This, despite falling under the company’s initial estimations, Sony themselves putting this down to talk already on the company’s upcoming next-gen plans and the much-speculated PS5.

The PS4 becomes the fourth home console to pass the 100 million mark — after PS2’s reported 155 million units, the original PlayStation’s 102 million and the Wii’s roughly 101 million — and the third under the Sony/PlayStation brand to do so. The PS3 sits at approximately 87 million. Talk on the next-generation of consoles has also meant that the company’s sales forecast has also seen a slight decrease down to 15 million units expected to be sold throughout the financial year. Elsewhere, a quieter year thus far from the company’s first and second-party front, resulted in a 3% dip in sales compared to the same period last year. Sony has forecasted the sales of games for the platform to remain at their current level — declaring that the next fiscal quarter will see the company preparing for the launch of their next-generation console. Whatever shape or form the PS5 will take, needless to say the PS4 has set an almighty benchmark.