The Outer Worlds Coming to Nintendo Switch

One of the most anticipated titles is Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds. We have gotten a few looks at it within the last couple of years. Thanks to its showing at E3 it is shaping up to feel very familiar for fans of Obsidian’s past works. Now, it has been revealed for release on the Nintendo Switch.

The open world, role-playing adventure title takes place on various alien planets. Some huge corporations have gained a hold over various aspects and it’s up to the player to join them or take them down. There are many decisions and factors that impact each other going forward, so choose your path carefully. Do what is right for others or do what is right for you.

Currently, it is unknown if the Switch will provide a different style of gameplay or come with exclusive content. But it does seem like it will release after other consoles. For now, watch the announcement video below and stay tuned for more details.