Urban Magic and Street Art Collide in Concrete Genie Release Date Trailer

There’s always room for more D&D/Tolkien-esque adventures but the semi-medieval period they’re set in is long gone.  There’s a world outside that would be very different if elves, sprites, dwarves, and other magical creatures were hiding in its shadows, and in Concrete Genie it’s brought to life by the power of enchanted street art.  Ash is a young artistic teen living in the town of Denska, which used to be much nicer than it is today.  A darkness has creeped in over the years, started by an oil spill poisoning its ocean harbor and not getting any better after that.  When Ash finds a magical paintbrush that can bring paint to life he sets off across the town to unleash his imagination on its grimy walls, running and hopping through the world while painting vivid scenes wherever there’s space to create them.  Part of the paintbrush’s magic is that it can bring helpful genies to life, who provide the super-paint necessary to clear the darkness from the town plus open up new pathways when you make them happy.  Every wall in the game is a canvas, waiting for the player’s art to turn into something more than a mere functional building component.

In addition to the main game, Concrete Genie also has two VR modes.  In the first you help a young genie acquire a new power, and the second Free Paint mode opens up when the first is completed.  They’re extras for those who own the VR hardware, while the main game is meant to be played in a standard tv-based format.

Concrete Genie got its release date trailer today, announcing its availability to the world on October 8.  Give it a look below to see what the offspring of Magic Pengel and Jet Set Radio might look like.