Control Receives a New Surreal Story Trailer

With the game having officially gone gold and just under a month until its release, it should be no surprise that be get some more peeks into Control. Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming action-adventure game has impressed us so far with its ambition, but it also leaves us wanting to know more about The Oldest House and the mysteries it contains. But a lot of what lies inside is still a surreal mystery, so while we do get a new story trailer as seen below, it still manages to keep things…weird.

Oddly, the story in this story trailer is actually provided by some mysterious, bald prisoner of sorts. It turns out he had a dream that seems to match the game’s current events. A bizarre force named The Hiss has invaded The Oldest House, terrorizing many but being welcomed by others. We also get to see a few other characters and more surreal imagery, including not just that weird isolated chair again, but a bizarre sudden weird fridge as well…what is wrong with the furniture in this place? Oh, and protagonist and FBC head Jesse has a gun pointed at their head. Somehow not as weird as the fridge, though. Control comes out for PC, XB1, and PS4 on August 27, when we can finally get some answers.