The Good Life Delayed to 2020

Last year, SWERY and his game studio White Owls launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new mystery game, The Good Life. The campaign succeeded, and the demo shown since then was rather promising, but it looks like the game won’t be hitting its intended Q4 2019 release window. In an update on the campaign page, SWERY explained that it simply comes down to wanting to focus on the quality of the game as much as possible and working on several various details. The new expected release date? For now, sometime in Spring 2020.

But just to show how all of this hard work is paying off, a new video was shared comparing the initial version of The Good Life to how it’s coming along now, along with some alpha gameplay, which you can view below. Indeed, there’s a considerably larger amount of detail on everything now, from the character models to the setting. We get to see how photography is now a full-on mini-game, a new HUD managing various parameters for our protagonist Naomi, some voice acting, and a quick looks at the sections where you get transformed into a cat. The Kickstarter update shares even more, showing off a larger map, gardening mechanics, and plenty of other tidbits. The Good Life should arrive on PC, XB1, and PS4 next year, and expect more details to come until then.