Do the Walk of Life With the First-Person Puzzler The Sojourn Trailer

One of the problems with Reality is that it’s hard to get anyone to agree as to what it actually is.  Different lives yield different perspectives so saying “This is it!” only tends to work for people with similar experiences.  The Sojourn is a puzzler about solving room after room using the ability to hop between light and dark dimensions, and also about defining the nature of reality.  More the former than the latter, seeing as its message is given through environmental storytelling rather than made explicit through narration, but the statues scattered throughout it’s beautiful and intricate environments tell the tale for those who want to pay attention.

I actually got a little hands-on time with The Sojourn at PAX East last spring and it was one of the more memorable games of the show.  The puzzles were very clever, involving jumping into a shadow dimension where the world was a bit different and using those differences to advance, but the art and detail made each room one to explore in full rather than “solve puzzle, move on”.  It’s very easy to let the logical part of the brain take over, seeing the gaming space as a collection of parts to assemble in the most efficient manner, but The Sojourn made me work to actively disengage from that habit to take in its details.  The game got a release date trailer today for its September 20 launch, and while it’s not particularly gameplay-heavy it does give a nice sense of the beauty in The Sojourn’s world.  Give it a look below to get a sense of what a walk through the mysteries of life can feel like.