Get Caught Up on Metal Wolf Chaos XD’s Legacy With a Retrospective

Well, the time is almost upon us. On Tuesday, Metal Wolf Chaos will finally be properly available outside of Japan, with a remaster courtesy of General Arcade and Devolver Digital. But for those of you still out of the loop and wondering what the big deal is, Devolver has prepared a quick retrospective on the 2004 game, originally released for the Xbox, which you can view below. It’s a simple journey, but still a notably epic one as well.

The video shows us how the game is representative of From Software’s beginnings, who were largely known for mech games at the time (that were still quite challenging, of course). We also get a brief reminder the game’s plot, where president Michael Wilson has to defeat the vice president, who is staging a coup to take control of the country. And of course, this is a president that pilots a mech suit, which makes things interesting. Despite being a gung-ho, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek take on American culture, it never made it over here, though. But now, we finally get to experience it in all of its remastered glory as Metal Wolf Chaos XD. And yes, classic dialogue such as “SUCK ON MY MISSILE PUNCH!!” has been preserved. Metal Wolf Chaos XD comes out on August 6 for PC, XB1, and PS4.