Heave Ho to Begin Its Epic Climb on August 29

Heave Ho surprised us back at PAX East with its fun multiplayer gameplay, leaving us excited for its eventual release. The physics-based co-op climbing game from Le Cartel and Devolver Digital was a hit with many more as well, even if it has the potential for players to dick each other around. Heck, even with this current announcement of the game’s release date, the press release even admitted it would start ruining relationships when it comes out. As seen in the new trailer below, though, it totally looks to be worth it.

The clip shows the many mishaps and misadventure to be had when trying to fling human chains across obstacle courses such as these, and even shows of a few new levels, all alongside reactions from various players. In addition, our little red buddy from Pikuniku shows up again, as a nice bonus for Devolver fans. Heave Ho will actually launch at PAX West 2019 on August 29, where it will be playable on a fifteen-foot LED wall at the Devolver booth. For those who can only access a smaller screen, though, it will also be available on PC and Switch that day. And for those who can’t wait any longer, a “Party Demo” is now available on Steam to check out.