Spiritfarer Receives New Trailer Ahead of PAX West

Debuting just a short while ago at E3, Thunder Lotus has already impressed quite a few people with their upcoming adventure game Spiritfarer, us included. It’s a gorgeous, hand-drawn game about Stella, a ferryman for the deceased, and the spirits they befriend before helping then move on to the afterlife. It has the potential to be quite an emotional gem, and if you weren’t able to get a chance to check it out during E3, don’t worry. Spiritfarer will be coming to PAX West later this month as well, with a new co-op mode to check out. But if you still need a taste to come, Thunder Lotus has a new trailer prepared for you, which you can check out below.

This new clip introduces us to Gwen, one of the spirits Stella meets. Taking the form of an anthropomorphic deer, we see Stella learning new skills from her, such as weaving and gardening. We also have Stella making them a cake as they share it, having good times. Then it’s time for Gwen to move on, which gets rather touching. There are more management aspects to be included as well, but the trailer mostly sums up a chunk of the basic gameplay elements. Spiritfarer comes out in 2020 for all major platforms, and could be Thunder Lotus’ best work yet, so stay tuned.