Screenshot Saturday Featuring Midnight Ghost Hunt, Mutazione, Many More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday. And sorry if I’m not in the greatest of moods this time around, but aside from learning that I may have been potentially screwed over by the ESA along with many others, the issue of clutter concerning the #screenshotsaturday tag that I brought up last week seems to have been amplified. I swear, for every two tweets using it from people actually promoting their games, now there was at least one tweet plugging candles, hair crimping services, amateur hip-hop music, k-pop bands, YouTube channels and Instagram pages, vacation photos, and on one instance, a photo of dog testicles, alongside other crap. Ugh.

I know it may seem like a minor annoyance to some when I mention it like this, and it certainly hasn’t made my job easier, but it was bad enough when smaller developers whose games need the exposure were already getting overshadowed by shovelware on Steam, but now we have narcissistic jerks co-opting a tool which can provide a slight boost that helps smaller games stand out. And I still haven’t found out why it sprung up seemingly overnight, or what we can do about it…but for now, I suppose the simplest option is to just filter through it all and whip up another showcase of promising games using the tag. The show must go on, after all…

Midnight Ghost Hunt- A fun-looking multiplayer game about ghost hunters versus ghosts where the hunters have the advantage until midnight, when the ghosts gain the upper hand. Though it’s not like the ghosts have no ways of fighting back before then. At the very least, any report the hunter files afterwards, win or lose, is going to have to awkwardly mention a lamp to the face followed by a spectral teabagging, so that’s a win for the ghost.

Mutazione- Die Gute Fabrik have now hooked up with Akupara in order to help publish their mutant soap opera/adventure game, and this means they also get a healthy boost when it comes to promoting the game as well. For example, little peeks like these into the game’s world-building. It may be an odd-looking barbecue, but a charming one as well, and we can’t wait to meet more of these characters.

Elsie- With many preparing for PAX West soon, there’s no better time to provide a clip of your game that showcases why anyone attending should stop by and take a further look at it. And in just forty-five seconds, this fast-paced 2D action game already jumps out as a potential highlight of the show, so try not to miss it.

Tunche- Ahhhh, that’s some solid combat right there! Qaru here may have been cursed to have bird wings, but it looks like they haven’t gotten in the way of any fighting prowess. Might have improved it, even. At least when it comes to beating up mysterious fish creatures that can walk on land, anyway.

Populus Run- A charming runner where to control multiple people at once, trying to get as many as possible to the finish line. I can’t understand why anything like this would be considered a nightmare, though. You can never have too many sweets!

Nom Nom Apocalypse- …Oh. Alright, maybe you can have too many sweets. And yeah, maybe the world’s largest piece of candy corn doesn’t seem so appealing when it’s trying to crush you. At least we get a cool twin-stick arcade game out of it.

Extinction Protocol- Hell, anyone in a tower defense setting can click on a spot and begin building turrets. It’s going to require more skill to assemble them via drone, though. This certainly looks like a nicely challenging romp, and as we’ve said before, make sure to check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign if you haven’t already.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw- This space-faring adventure certainly looks quite impressive in several areas, but somehow my favorite touch is the old-school late ’70s-esque monitor in the lower left. As seen in Alien: Isolation, there’s just a certain charm to such low-tech designs.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day- Wait, none of us ever thought to combine roguelike arcade shooters with Super Mario Galaxy-esque micro-planets yet? I feel we have let ourselves down in not realizing this sooner. Luckily, these folks picked up the ball, and threw in classic split-screen gameplay to boot!

Lemnis Gate- When you have a time loop in a turn-based FPS that allows you to revisit every move your opponent made before you, you need to master the skill of setting up proper traps to counter those moves. In this case, forcing them to run into a batch of toxic chemicals should do the trick nicely!

Witcheye- I honestly thought this was just a name at first, but nope, it’s literally a mobile platformer where you play as a witch that transforms into an eyeball, as seen with the small orb-like being here (it admittedly looks better in motion). Then I learned this comes from the co-creator of the Great Gatsby NES game, and suddenly the concept made sense.

Calico- You know, this is a simulator about running a cat cafe that is also magical, so having flowers move like this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. And like the rest of the game so far, it looks visually striking. Heck, even the forest setting on its own is nicely designed.