WWE 2K20 Cover Revealed Alongside Gameplay Trailer

WWE 2K20’s big reveal was supposed to be tomorrow, but it looks like things have leaked out a bit early based on a lower-res video released online. It shows a dinner party with a variety of legends – including Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin, which seems like a pretty clear indicator that they’ll both be in the game. For Austin, this isn’t a surprise. For Hogan, it’s to be expected with him being back in the fold after his sabbatical. Dusty Rhodes’ statue is there too, so he will probably be in alongside the photos of Eddie Guerrero, Big Bossman, Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant, with Roddy Piper’s statue being a sign he’ll be in too.

Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns meet up at the party after she dives through a glass ceiling – and the core gameplay shown covers both of them. Roman hits a Superman punch while Becky lands a super Bexploder – so that’s in. Otherwise, there’s not really enough gameplay visible to get an idea beyond things looking about like what folks would expect from it. The franchise has been getting a lot of smaller tweaks to create a more enjoyable experience, and 2K19 is a fantastic wrestling game alongside a WWE simulator as well – with all sorts of styles being able to be replicated in its versatile engine. WWE 2K20 has no set release date, but it will probably be in the fall alongside the past few years.