Metal Wolf Chaos XD Receives Animated Launch Trailer

So in under twenty-four hours from now, American audiences will finally be able to play Metal Wolf Chaos. The Japan-only ultra-American Xbox exclusive from 2004 was stuff of legends, but it’s finally getting a Western remaster as Metal Wolf Chaos XD. And now Devolver Digital, From Software, and General Arcade are teaming up with Powerhouse Animation – the team behind Netflix’s Castlevania series – to give the game the epic animated launch trailer it deserves.

The clip below, titled “Let’s Party” goes through a few of the game’s iconic opening moments. We get to see our lead character, President Wilson, address the nation with a speech that has quite the amount of freedom thrown in. Then Vice President Hawk begins his coup (which somehow involves no one noticing that tanks are storming the White House, among other things), and Wilson gears up in his mech suit to fight him, complete with gatling guns. Pure majesty. Metal Wolf Chaos XD comes out tomorrow for PC, PS4, and XB1.