Flotsam Launch Date Announced For Steam Early Access and Kartridge

Belgian indie game developer Pajama Llama together with publisher Kongregate announced today that Flotsam will be arriving to Steam Early Access and Katridge on September 26. In Flotsam players take control of survivors in an aquatic post apocalyptic who are rebuilding society with the most plentiful resource available: garbage. In this unique take on the town building simulation, players will brave the dangerous oceans to salvage the assorted junk and construct intricate societies, taking recycling and reusing waste to a whole new level while rescued dolphins and seagulls can provide aid in their endeavors.

“Flotsam’s theme originated from an animation project one of our founders created, about people living in a flooded world. We took this spark and created a prototype, which eventually grew to become Flotsam,” said Juda-Ben Gordier, co-founder at Pajama Llama. “We fell in love with the combination of the setting and gameplay. We all had an urge to create the game, so we did.”

“We’re beyond excited to be so close to getting Flotsam out into the wild,” Josh Larson, Chief Business Officer at Kongregate. “From the very beginning we’ve been captivated by the game’s whimsical charm set on top of a post-apocalyptic world, and are incredibly impressed by the work that Pajama Llama has done to really make an outstanding game.”

Prior to the Early Access release, Pajama Llama will showcase a new, playable demo of Flotsam at Gamescom 2019. The game will be shown at the Indie Arena Booth in hall 10.2. You can find out more about Flotsam and Pajama Llama on their official website. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Discord for the latest news. Some of our early impressions of Flotsam can be found in our preview.