New Borderlands 3 Trailer Highlights Amara

As you may have seen recently, Borderlands 3 is rolling out the character trailers in preparations for its September release. So far we’ve seen tastes of Moze, the gunner, and Zane, the operative. Now we get an introduction to our latest player character, Amara the Siren. And as seen below, she knows how to bring the hurt, even without any guns immediately on her.

In a bit of a unique twist for the series, Amara is already a local hero and protector of her town, using her siren skills to dispose of any threats. Disposing of said threats is also something she enjoys, which makes it annoying when enemies run away from her. But then some enemies get rather cocky, and…well, you can see what happens. Now we just have FL4K the beastmaster left, and we’ll have trailers showing off all our new Vault Hunters in advance of the game’s September 13 release.