Children of Morta Releasing for PC This September

While the roguelike sub-genre — and design decision many independant developers appear to have taken — has as many detractors as it does its fans, one game that has caught our eye over the past year-or-so has been Dead Mage’s take on Action RPG-styled, dungeon-crawling in the form of Children of Morta. A game centered around a family of warriors with an impressive allure of pixel art to match, and now after many months of speculation and vague suggestions of a release sometime this year, the game finally has a release date.

Children of Morta will release first for PC on September 3, with the console versions across PS4, Xbox One & Switch to release a month later, October 15. From what we’ve played of it, there’s certainly evidence to suggest that the game can push past the potential negative perception that roguelike/procedural generation often brings, in crafting a game that is genuinely enjoyable to play and tackle. Hopefully the full game can build on its promising art-style and real-time combat. Check out the latest trailer for the game below.