Grandia HD Collection for Switch Releasing Later This Month

GungHo’s HD remasters of the first two entries in the Grandia series — via the Grandia HD Collection — finally have a confirmed release date for the Nintendo Switch. The two-game collection will make its way onto Nintendo’s platform on August 16. The publisher hasn’t given any indication as to when the remaster of the first game will make its way to PC however; it’s already been confirmed that the first and second games are to be kept as separate releases on PC, with the second game (already available) being renamed to Grandia II HD Remaster.

While both editions for either platform will come with the features you expect from a HD remaster — the original Japanese dub, improved resolution, widescreen support and even support for French and German translation — the PC version is also planned to include support for custom resolutions as well as remappable controls for mouse and keyboard.