Pokémon Sword and Shield Reveals Old Pokémon with New Looks

During the last Pokémon Sword and Shield update we took a look at Gigantamaxing, newly discovered Pokémon and met new characters. It seems at this rate something new for Sword and Shield will pop up every month until release. Today, we receive even more details on some of the features while learning about some crazy additions!

We get our first look at the bad guys in the game and other characters. Team Yell is comprised of a bunch of hooligans and it appears they are big fans of Marnie. She’s a talented trainer who uses calculated tactics and always seems to have supporters around. There is a new rival as well named Bede who appears to be quite full of themselves. Everyone in Galar is going to put up quite the challenge.

And in a pretty big surprise there are Galarian versions of Pokémon such as Zigzagoon and Linoone which become Normal/Dark-types much like Alolan Rattata. Plus, Linoone even gets an evolution called Obstagoon which has Reckless and Guts abilities. And Weezing has huge smoke stacks and gaseous mustache to make it a Poison/Fairy-type. It will have the Levitate ability and one yet to be announced.

Morpeko is a new one that resembles Pikachu but is Electric/Dark-type and has different modes. It has a Full Belly and Hangry version which changes its attack types thanks to the Hunger Switch ability. After each turn it will change and its move Aura Wheel becomes either Dark or Electric depending on when it is used.

Lastly, we get a glimpse at some overworld clips and the Poké Jobs. You will go around the region completing tasks and doing so earns your Pokémon some experience as well as rare items. We already know many Pokémon contribute to the daily lives of the citizens in many ways, so this will let us learn more in a hands-on manner.

It was quite a shock to see Galarian forms included in the game but will surely make things interesting. Check out both the English and Japanese trailers for more details along with the official website.