Those Who Remain Gets a Publisher, Heads to Gamescom

Camel 101’s psychological horror game, Those Who Remain, has found a publisher in Wired Productions. Thanks to this new partnership, prospective players will eventually be able to enjoy the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. The horror title still doesn’t have a release date, but it will be present at Gamescom in the Wired Productions booth for anyone who wants some hands-on time with it.

Those Who Remain follows a man by the name of Edward as he passes through the town of Dormont on his way to end a secret affair. It’s something that’s just about ruined his life, and Edward hopes to get back what he lost by ending it. Of course, he’ll have to survive a night in Dormont before any of that can happen. Something sinister has stirred in this once sleepy little town, and Edward is about to be pulled right into the middle of the ensuing chaos. If he’s not careful, he’ll easily become just one more missing person, and that formerly perfect life of his will be forever lost.