Monster Sanctuary Bringing Platforming and Monster-Raising to Steam Soon

Team17 has helped publish a lot of great games and Monster Sanctuary looks to follow in that trend quite nicely. It’s a platforming adventure where you raise monster allies as they help you through your adventure. Some will use slashes to help you from close-range, while others can send shockwaves throughout the ground. Still others can aid you in flight, while some attack from afar with swords and laser attacks. If this sounds familiar, then you probably played Monster Tale on the DS — or saw a DS hidden gem video about it at some point.

It’s one of the best Metroidvania games ever created and fused monster-raising into platforming better than any game did before or since. Now, Monster Sanctuary looks to carry that mantle and does so very soon. The game launches on August 28 via early access and has a free demo available now to try out and see how well you like it. The demo does a nice job showcasing the action-platforming and has a more-involved take on monster-usage than Tale did with elemental monsters changing up the type of help you get, whereas that game gave you one monster to get attached to and grow with.

So far, this looks quite promising and it should do well when it hits early access in a few weeks.