Screenshot Saturday Featuring Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!, Lost Wing, More

Hello folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we check in every week on those using the #screenshotsaturday tag to promote their upcoming games, typically showing how progress is coming along, and highlighting some of the most promising stuff! And starting things on a good note, the recent issues I’ve brought up with non-gaming spam tweets using the tag and cluttering things up seems to have been mostly solved. I’m sure HOW that was accomplished, and there are still a few spam posts (mostly towards the end of the day), but it’s nice to see things heading back to normal. And speaking of getting back to business as usual, let’s go right into this week’s crop of games…

Endling- …And let’s just start off with some good old-fashioned nightmare fuel about woodland creatures seemingly dying horrible, fiery deaths! Although when you’re doing a platformer with notable environmental themes that deals with a family of now near-extinct foxes, you can’t exactly shy away from heavy visuals like this, so applause for not taking any easy routes.

Firegirl- Switching over to some less nightmarish visuals about massive fires in video games, this firefighting-based platformer is still shaping up quite nicely, and the idea for this level is inspired, with the visuals being particularly impressive. Now to see if we can actually save those civilians…

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!- While the third entry for this restaurant sim series is taking a rather bizarre route, having you drive across a post-apocalyptic war-torn America in a food truck with robot sidekicks, it’s nice to see that the culinary treats you make look as mouth-watering as ever. Well, not so much the corn flakes, admittedly. I do hope we get the ability to pull off a Simpsons tribute and set it on fire, though.

DOOMBLADE- Uggh, isn’t it always annoying when you’re just trying to go out for a simple walk with your demon head, and then the ninjas attack? This is why you always need to carry a giant blade on you at all times. Well, that, and it just looks impressive, which has been par for the course for this game so far.

No Time to Relax- Currently available in Early Access but exiting it on August 21 with Version 1.0, what we have here appears to be the more crazed and competitive successor to The Game of Life that we never knew we wanted. And even in a mere twelves seconds, it manages to easily grab your attention with its gameplay, so this may be one to look out for.

Octopus City Blues- Let us move on from from one chaotic life simulator to another, except this one is about the life of a person in a city built around a giant octopus. Shockingly, it involves considerably more tentacles. The game has been in the works for nearly six years now, but going by the impressive sprite work, it’s nice to see that a ton of effort is still going into it, even after all this time.

No Mercy: For Lorne Hope- See? Screenshot Saturday suffers from a glut of spam for a few weeks, and suddenly you have people asking if it’s even a thing anymore. So thankfully, sharing new pics from this multiplayer brawler isn’t awkward. If anything, it just emphasizes how gorgeous it is even further, and that things seem to be coming along nicely for it.

Little Misfortune- Well, a creepy, surreal adventure game naturally needs proper visuals such as this. It looks highly impressive, and I definitely want to see how we wind up at the table like this, all while trying to keep my mind out of the gutter when it comes to marital relations.

Lost Wing- “X meets Y” is always a standard pitch for any piece of entertainment, but a mix of these two fast-paced games certainly draws some attention. Granted, what we have here shows off a boss battle instead of the more white-knuckle racing bits, but it certainly isn’t any less intense.

Pixel Soldier- Another promising game looking to fill a bit of a void in mobile gaming right now, this 2D gravity-flipping action game certainly looks like a simple yet gleefully fast-paced treat. Also, no, that shockwave isn’t distracting. After all, anyone who plays through bullet hell scenarios like this would easily be used to it.

Trash Sailors- Hey, just because you’re sailing around in swamps on a raft made from garbage doesn’t mean things don’t have to look pretty. And besides, it’s always cool to see all of the individual effects that go into crafting nice visuals such as this.

Knights and Bikes- …Well, I suppose this was inevitable, but I’m cool with it. Could use more hogs, though.