Mojang Cancels the Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft

Mojang today announced they’re ceasing development of the Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft.

At E3 2017, Mojang took to Microsoft’s stage to announce an ambitious overhaul to the game’s visuals. Featuring new lighting shaders, textures, and models, the Super Duper Graphics Pack looked like quite a leap forward for the franchise. Unfortunately, after two years of development, the pack is no more.

Taking to their blog, Mojang confirmed that development for the Super Super Graphics Pack has ceased. According to the studio, the pack ended up to technically demanding to implement. However, Mojang isn’t giving up on bringing a new look to Minecraft. Going forward, the studio intends to look into other means of achieving their goals.

Minecraft is currently available on nearly every platform, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Expect to hear more about Mojang’s plans soon.