Fracter Finds Its Way onto Steam September 5

Last year, Fracter released to moderate critical acclaim on both iOS and Android. This must have been quite encouraging, because developer 4L Games is bringing their monochromatic puzzle adventure game to PC via Steam this September. The studio hasn’t announced any specific updates accompanying the PC version yet, but it might not need many since Fracter is already a quite visually impressive title.

Fracter puts players in the shoes of a unnamed, veiled hero on a quest to make their shattered spirit whole again. Reaching that goal means journeying through a labyrinthine series of abstract chambers filled with shadow and inhabited by disturbing creatures born of the hero’s fractured psyche. It’s only through their wits and sheer force of will that players and the hero can overcome and put the pieces back together again.

Fracter is available now on Android and iOS devices, and it will be coming to PC via Steam September 5.