Saya no Uta Remastered Now Available on PC

Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya is one of those visual novels with an extremely strong following. It has been giving people nightmares ever since its initial release.

JAST USA have now brought out a new version of the game. This “remaster” features higher resolution visuals and revised translation. A new game engine was also utilized to help with Windows 10 compatibility.

The Steam version of Saya no Uta is a censored release and therefore costs a few bucks less than the complete version. Currently it’s discounted to $11.99. The Director’s Cut DLC costs $3.99 itself. During launch, the full copy available from JAST USA is also discounted down to $15.99. Fortunately, anyone who picked up the physical version of Saya no Uta is entitled to a free patch of the remastered contents.