Vicious Circle Brings New FPS Action to Steam

Rooster Teeth Games is back with a new twist on the first-person shooter. This cartoonish shooter features a group battling to not only survive one another, but also a giant monster. You can set traps for your rivals and take them out – or fall victim to them yourself. The addition of a giant monster brings a bit of EVOLVE into the mix – only with a far more light-hearted and silly vibe.

It’s a very fast-paced game with some unique twists. Dying sucks, but instead of having a wait time, you come back as a more limited creature and have to earn a human form again. This can take more time, which opens the door to enemies getting more loot and being able to escape while you’re stuck. Getting a new body becomes top priority, and failing to do so means that all you can do is play spoiler. The person with the most loot at the end, and who is able to escape from specially-marked zones, wins. The latter-stage game is very similar to the end of a game of Titanfall where you need to escape quickly, but still stay on your toes to avoid death.

Vicious Circle is available now on Steam for $19.99 – although you can get a founder’s pack at a nice discount of 17%, bringing it $24.88 with all of its current content. The pack gets you exclusive skins and emotes – so it isn’t essential content, but definitely something you can enjoy the game a bit more with. It’s a must for anyone who likes a light-hearted shooter and plays great with a controller or keyboard/mouse setup on PC.