New Saints Row Game in Development at Volition

THQ Nordic today confirmed that the Saints Row series will return.

Volition, the studio behind the beloved franchise, is returning to the series after a multi-year hiatus. THQ Nordic, during their Q1 Earnings Call, confirmed the next game is deep in development. No other details were provided.

Saints Row burst onto the scene in 2005 as a Grand Theft Auto clone, but quickly developed its own style over the years. Focusing on comedy and over-the-top action, Saints Row carved a niche for itself in a sea of overly-serious games. Volition developed four games in the franchise with the final game, Saints Row IV, launching back in 2013. Since then, the studio has struggled to find its foothold outside the franchise. Agents of Mayhem, their first original IP in years, ended up as a flop.

Hopefully, the return to Saints Row will give Volition back a spring in their step. We’ll let you know should Volition, Deep Silver, or THQ Nordic make any announcements regarding Saints Row.