ACE Team Are Back With a Third Helping of Rock of Ages

The third instalment in developer ACE Team’s quirky, tower-defense/marble-rolling Rock of Ages series has been announced, and the team promise even more of that silly, Monty Python-esque, comical humor that added quite the charm to the previous two titles. Modus Games will be taking charge of publishing duty this time round (the first two games were published by Atlus) and the game, officially titled Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, also has support from studio Giant Monkey Robot.

One of the stand-out new features this time round is for players to design their own stages and share them online. The game will support both local two-player co-op, as well as four-player online multiplayer. But of course, the third entry — so far as its main, story mode — will feature, as the game’s presser describes, “inventive reinterpretations of history” as well-known historic figures clash or simply find themselves sharing the same screen-space for whatever convoluted reasons. Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is planned to release across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC in early 2020. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below.