Spelunky 2 Won’t Be Releasing This Year

The sequel to the surprise 2012 roguelike, Spelunky — though the original incarnation was released back in 2008 as freeware — in the form of Spelunky 2, may not be releasing anytime in 2019. According to the project’s original creator and lead, Derek Yu, the team needs more time to finish the game due to the “density and detail of the game”. The sequel was first announced in 2017.

Yu goes on to state that, sadly, they don’t have an updated release date or window for when fans can get the chance to play the game, meaning that the game is now stuck, for the time being, under the vague 2020 timeframe. He assures fans that the team have listened to feedback and continue to update and improve the game. Spelunky 2 is planned to launch on both PS4 & PC. You can see how the gameplay is shaping up in the below gameplay trailer from last year.