Blasphemous Reveals Sinful September Release Date

There are certainly quite a few upcoming metroidvania games that a lot of us are excited about, but The Game Kitchen’s nicely dark Blasphemous is arguably high on the list. The game was a huge smash on Kickstarter two years ago, earning over six times its funding goal, and has impressed many people since then with its dark atmosphere and stunning pixel art. This includes Team17, who offered to help publish the game just a few months ago. And now, complete with a quick peek in today’s sizzle reel during Nintendo’s Indie World presentation, it was revealed that Blasphemous will come out this September, meaning the wait for it isn’t long now.

With this news comes a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below. You play as The Penitent One, the sole survivor of a massacre now tasked to defeat the evil force known as The Miracle. Because as you may have seen with all of the twisted, gory imagery, not all miracles result in sunshine and rainbows. The world of Cvstodia will feature tons of nightmarish enemies and bosses to battle, but luckily, you have the powerful and upgradeable Mea Culpa sword to fight with, alongside several other powers and buffs to find along the way. Blasphemous comes out on September 10 for all major platforms, and should be a nice and horrifying treat for all of us.