Everspace 2 Officially Announced

Rockfish Games’ hit space exploration debut, Everspace, is getting a sequel. And from the sounds of things the team are hoping to build an even more ambitious follow-up than the original title eventually came to be. For one, Everspace 2 is ditching the roguelike, procedural nature of its originator altogether; instead focusing on an intently-built universe complete with shooting and RPG elements.

Similar to the first game, Rockfish will release the title through Early Access which is planned to happen in late 2020. Though a way’s off, the team estimate that the full game will be available across PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime at the end of 2021. With a more ambitious game, and thus increased budget behind the project, Rockfish are also hoping that fans and curious onlookers alike will help support the project, with a Kickstarter also confirmed to commence on September 9. The studio stating that this extra funding (a target of €450,000 set) will not only secure their independant, but will also allow the community to better shape the state of the game once it’s fully ready for release. You can see some of the game in action in the below announcement trailer.