Halo Co-Creator Reveals New FPS Disintegration

Nearly eighteen years ago, then-Bungie creative director Marcus Lehto helped create a little game called Halo, and thus also helped to change the landscape of first-person shooters in the process. So naturally, when you have that on your resume, people stand and pay attention when you reveal another FPS game. After years of development, Marcus’ studio V1 Interactive has teamed up with Private Division to help release their new shooter, Disintegration. Revealed today during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event, the debut trailer gives us a taste of the gameplay, world, and a few characters which you can check out below.

Taking place in the future, Disintegration has humanity on the verge of extinction and attempting to preserve themselves through Integration, a process that has a brain surgically removed and encased in a robot body. An emerging enemy force called the Rayonne wants to force humanity to go fully robotic, though, and they’re willing to go to extremes to make it happen. That’s where our protagonist Romer Shoal comes in. Romer leads a small resistance team fighting against the Rayonne, and also happens to be an expert at piloting a Gravcycle, a hovering vehicle originally used for rescue purposes, now modified with weaponry and ready for combat.

The clip shows the Gravcycle in action, allowing Romer to be both in and above combat, where players can plan out strategic maneuvers. Disintegration will have a full single-player campiagn and three multiplayer modes, and looks like whatever your poison is, it’ll have some excellent gunplay. Expect Disintegration in 2020 for PC, PS4, and XB1, when we’ll see if it has the same magic as it’s creator’s legacy.