Nukklear, THQ Nordic Reviving Long Dormant Comanche Series

It’s been nearly two decades since there was a Comanche game on PC — a simulation series originally created by developers Novalogic — which went intp indefinite hiatus around the start of the 21st century. But, being one of the many IP’s now amidst their portfolio, THQ Nordic appear to be bringing the series back in a big way with a new, soft-reboot of sorts, under the simple title of Comanche.

Nukklear have taken over development duty this time round and the game finds itself redefined for a modern setting — described as a team-based online multiplayer shooter…but with helicopters. On top of this, you’ll also have access to a piloted drone which will serve you for close-quarters encounters, set in environments that are destructible and can help you to turn the tide in what will primarily be objective-based modes. Check out the reveal trailer below. Comanche is planned to launch in Early Access first on Steam sometime in Q1 2020.