Sega and Amplitude Studios Debut Ambitious Sim Game Humankind

A few days ago, Sega put out a teaser site for an upcoming secret project. Well, it wasn’t that secret, if you knew that a trademark for something called “Humankind” surfaced for Sega late last year. But today at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, we finally got to see the debut of Humankind proper. Teaming up with developers Amplitude Studios, best known for the Endless Space games and Dungeon of the Endless, the game is all about you being able to craft your own civilization, asking what you would do if you could rewrite humanity. Players will have access to sixty historical culture and experience real-life historical events. It really is some ambitious, deep stuff.

So naturally, the first trailer for the game begins with a caveman making music via a giant synthesizer on a satellite.

No, seriously. Check it out below if you don’t believe us.

An odd opening, to be sure, but eventually it transitions into some gameplay footage, as we view lush, vivid landscapes and the societies that spring up from them. It’s a simulation game that does indeed feel like a labor of love, so here’s hoping Humankind succeeds when it comes out in 2020.