Yager’s New FPS The Cycle Now Available in Early Access

During today’s Gamescom press conferences/streams, there were more than a few surprise launches, which is to be expected these days from any big show like this. But one such launch that may have gotten lost in the shuffle was one for The Cycle, the new sci-fi FPS from Yager Development. At Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event, it was announced that The Cycle was now available in Early Access via the Epic Games Store. Said announcement also came with a trailer pitching the game to everyone, which you can check out below.

The beginning of the clip is a short little segment from Yager’s team, explaining how they strive to do something different with the FPS genre. And with The Cycle, that means a shooter which isn’t just PvP, or PvE, but rather PvEvP. Or a new genre of its own, as Yager puts it. It’s described as a “competitive quest shooter” where you play as a Prospector trying to claim as many resources as possible on the planet of Fortuna III. And not only will you have to watch out for other Prospectors while out there, but the titular Cycle itself causes massive storms that affect the area in various ways, such as radiation or creating deadlier creatures. A lot of nice action is shown in the gameplay portion of the video, and if you want to experience it for yourself, The Cycle is currently free on the Epic Games Store.