Get a Closer Look at the Galar Region in New Video

Apparently, The Pokémon Company will show off some more details for Pokémon Sword and Shield during the week. The extent of those reveals are yet to be shown but we are getting small things here and there. Last week we got information on battling but today we take a little look at a town in the Galar region.

While there is no name for this location we can assume it is near the starting area of the game. We see Professor Magnolia’s lab, a Pokémon Center and boutiques. There is also a railway station for transportation if you wish. It was also further emphasized how much of a connection people and Pokémon have in order to create towns and areas together.

That is pretty much it. No new Pokémon to check out or characters introduced. But fans will enjoy seeing what they’re getting into with a quick look at the town. Stay tuned for more coverage of Sword and Shield.