New Shenmue III Video Showcases a Day in the Life of Ryo Hazuki

Shenmue III is mere months away, and both Deep Silver and Ys Net are celebrating with an all-new trailer showcasing a day in Ryo’s life. Ryo can enjoy local foods, drinks, and even play some games in the arcade. There won’t be any Sega classics here, but QTE Title returns alongside some new mini-games. We get a taste of Ren and Ryo together once again and see Ryo in a makeshift battle arena before things transition into a QTE.

Ryo closes out the trailer battling Chai and winding up on the ass end of an ass-whipping before being consoled by Shenhua. Shenmue III has been eagerly-anticipated for about 18 years now and will be available on both the PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19. A physical release will be available for the PS4, while the PC incarnation is exclusive to the Epic Games Store for at least one year. A wide variety of pre-order bonus versions are available depending on what retailer you get the game from, but all pre-orders will get extra tokens, health tonics, a training scroll, and capsule toy tokens.