Learn More about Pokémon Masters in its First News Segment

The launch of Pokémon’s next mobile game, Pokémon Masters is just around the corner. Players will join up with other trainers from the series in various 3-on-3 battles. Today, a new series began on YouTube to reveal news for the game.

While we have already learned much about Pokémon Masters, there is a bit of extra if you are interested. In the first Pokémon Masters News video, you can find out more details on various features. There are in-game events and storylines to follow where you travel with a specific trainer. Missions can be completed to earn extra items and  special launch event is taking place from August 28 until October 16. But if you miss out on some they are likely to return at some point. Besides this information, you can see bits of gameplay footage from the announcement along with more Sync Pairs.

Watch the first episode below and stay tuned for more to come in the following days.